If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Why would one random place you call cost HALF as much as your other 3 quotes?  Many non professional places will bait you into their facitiy only to tell you their price covers the front windows only.  The price is only for a light shade tint that no one ever uses, its priced that low but they will offer no warranty.  Remeber, there is always a reason they got the price as low as they did.  



Johnson Co Fire Vehicle

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Bait and Switch


I will hit some major points that you as the customer need to be aware of when choosing a remote start or alarm for you and your family.  


Most all standard remote starts if you just walk into a retail store will sell a 1/4 mile radius RANGE remote start.  Its something most customers never think about pre purchse.  This is where the power transmitter can become a very important part of the purchase.  We need to be very concious about this length and if this will work for you in your normal activites of daily living.  To some people 1/4 mile range is perfectly fine and they do not need to upgrade to the long range model.  With this said, when were out and about times may come when we are further away from our vehicle and may want to utlize our remote starter from a longer range.  These values rememeber are in perfect circumstances, no interference, a direct shot at the vehicle etc.  We could be at the bottom of a parking garage, walking in the mall, hospital etc.  If this is something you want to ensure you get the most range possible maybe think about upgrading to the 1 mile radius remote start. 

#2 Professionall Installation

At first glance you may say, my brothers cousin use to put cell phones together maybe he can install my alarm so i can see a savings here.  But dont think too fast.  Our vehicles play a very important role in our daily lives.  Could a simple miswire of someone with little to no experience fry the brain of my vehicle?  Absoulutley.  We see it several times a year.  Attempting to save a couple hundred bucks could render your vehicle out of commission for no telling now long and add that with a large repair bill and you may rethink allowing someone with no experience tackle your very vital 12 volt wiring job.  These take years and years to master.  I absolutley am not trying to worry you but it is our duty to inform our customers how important this is that its done professionally.  We offer a lifetime warranty on every install. Peace of mind! 


Glass break sensor:  This adds an additional layer of protection which detects tampering and breaking of the vehicle’s glass using a microphone and a microprocessor. Sound Advice makes it easier than ever to buy with Introductory Pricing; Package Deals when you buy two or more items; plus Fantastic Finance Offers. See in-store for details

​Perimeter sensor:

​Dual Zone Protection: Dual Zone Motion Sensor protects the exterior and interior of your vehicle by establishing two security perimeters for your vehicle. If the exterior perimeter is violated, your security system will chirp toward away the potential intruder. A violation of the interior perimeter will trigger your alarm's full siren. This type of protection is ideal for convertible vehicles.

Trunk pop:

Interfaces with existing latch or release cable to provide power trunk/hatch release by switch or remote control.  Interfaces with existing latch or release cable to provide power trunk release by switch or remote


There are many automotive tint brands, that offer a variety of tinting products, but all are not the same, at all. If you are quoted a price for window film that is much lower than everone else that quoted you, it's a pretty clear indicator you're going to get a very low quality film. I agree we dont all have to have the best highest model film on the market, but if you settle for the cheap stuff, you'll quickly find out what it's worth. For one thing, the color of low quality auto window tinting fades to a purple color and will bubble 10x as quick as a quality film. A quality film should last the life that you own the vehicle, not one year.